As the bastard son of a robot from the future and a two headed cave-woman thawed from the ice, I had a perfectly normal and uneventful childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. I started my career as an artist, as one might expect, by buying a pad of paper and some drawing instruments, a pencil and eraser I believe. I used those instruments to create my frist piece of artwork, titled "Paper with Eraser and Pencil", a found-object/performance piece of art which involved me dancing naked around the objects (still in their original packaging). Since then I've toured the oceans in a submarine, explored the skies in a hot air balloon, and discovered new and forgotten lands on a skateboard. I've dined with kings, fist-fought Nobel prize winners, poked a dead body with a stick, lived, loved, lost, and laughed. Join me, won't you, on my often eventful journey through this life and beyond. Womb, tomb, and everything in between, you'll catch me with a song on my face and a smile in my heart.

André Jolicoeur Illustration